Run ABI Get Method

About ABI Get Method

Get method is a method that is executed locally and it does not change account state. Get methods are used to retrieve contract data locally for free.
ABI compatible contract - a contract which has an ABI interface.

Run ABI get method

AppKit provides runLocal method for running get methods of ABI-compatible contracts.
const dePoolAddress = "0:a07c4668a8ac1801b5ea77c86e317ca027d76c288c6da4d29d7d1fd716aff40a";
const dePoolAcc = new Account(DePoolContract, {
address: dePoolAddress,
signer: signerNone(),
response = await dePoolAcc.runLocal("getDePoolInfo", {});
console.log(`DePool ${dePoolAddress} Info:`, response.decoded.output);
const validatorWallet = response.decoded.output.validatorWallet;
response = await dePoolAcc.runLocal("getParticipantInfo", { "addr": validatorWallet });
console.log(`\nValidator Wallet ${validatorWallet} Stake Info:`, response.decoded.output);
response = await dePoolAcc.runLocal("getDePoolBalance", {});
console.log(`\nDePool Balance Nano Crystal:`, response.decoded.output.value0);

Sample source code

Check out core api documentation for more information about running get methods.