Message Retry

Resending a Message

The process_message function has the retry feature. If message had expired, it can be re-created and re-sent to the network. Five attempts are carried out by default. If all of them fail, 507 error is returned as well. Use the network.message_retries_count parameter to customize the number of attempts at SDK initialization. If set to 0, no further attempts will be carried out.

It is a good practice to increase the timeout between retries, for instance, if they are caused by bad connection or network lags (for instance when shard is temporarily served by some slow validators). abi.message_expiration_timeout_grow_factor parameter defines proportion of timeout increase with each retry. The default value is 1.5.

In this example the number of retries will be decreased to 3 and expiration timeout will be increased by 1.3 times with each retry.

const client = new TonClient({
    network: {
        endpoints: [
        message_retries_count: 3
    abi: {
        message_expiration_timeout: 120000,
        message_expiration_timeout_grow_factor: 1.3

When you use separate functions to create (encoded_message) and to send a message (send_message), re-creating and re-sending should be carried out separately.

Note that only 507 error code from process_message or wait_for_transaction (if you specified the correct block id that you fetched before the message was sent) guarantees that the message is expired and will not be processed by the contract.

When to retry with 507 error

Normally, process_message and wait_for_transaction perform local emulation of transaction in case of expired message error and attach the results to the error object of 507 error (ErrorData.exit_code). It will give you a possible reason why the message was not executed on-chain (check exit code meaning in contract source code).

If you see there is no exit_code, then do the retry. Also retry can be executed in case of replay protection exit_code. Sometimes when a network undergoes high loads, this may happen.

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