Common Types


type ResponseHandler = (params: any, responseType: number) => void;

Handles additional function responses.


  • params: any – Response parameters. Actual type depends on API function.

  • responseType: number – Function specific response type.


client – Provides information about library.

get_api_reference – Returns Core Library API reference

version – Returns Core Library version

config – Returns Core Library API reference

build_info – Returns detailed information about this build.

resolve_app_request – Resolves application request processing result

crypto – Crypto functions.

factorize – Integer factorization

modular_power – Modular exponentiation

ton_crc16 – Calculates CRC16 using TON algorithm.

generate_random_bytes – Generates random byte array of the specified length and returns it in base64 format

convert_public_key_to_ton_safe_format – Converts public key to ton safe_format

generate_random_sign_keys – Generates random ed25519 key pair.

sign – Signs a data using the provided keys.

verify_signature – Verifies signed data using the provided public key. Raises error if verification is failed.

sha256 – Calculates SHA256 hash of the specified data.

sha512 – Calculates SHA512 hash of the specified data.

scrypt – Perform scrypt encryption

nacl_sign_keypair_from_secret_key – Generates a key pair for signing from the secret key

nacl_sign – Signs data using the signer's secret key.

nacl_sign_open – Verifies the signature and returns the unsigned message

nacl_sign_detached – Signs the message using the secret key and returns a signature.

nacl_sign_detached_verify – Verifies the signature with public key and unsigned data.

nacl_box_keypair – Generates a random NaCl key pair

nacl_box_keypair_from_secret_key – Generates key pair from a secret key

nacl_box – Public key authenticated encryption

nacl_box_open – Decrypt and verify the cipher text using the receivers secret key, the senders public key, and the nonce.

nacl_secret_box – Encrypt and authenticate message using nonce and secret key.

nacl_secret_box_open – Decrypts and verifies cipher text using nonce and secret key.

mnemonic_words – Prints the list of words from the specified dictionary

mnemonic_from_random – Generates a random mnemonic

mnemonic_from_entropy – Generates mnemonic from pre-generated entropy

mnemonic_verify – Validates a mnemonic phrase

mnemonic_derive_sign_keys – Derives a key pair for signing from the seed phrase

hdkey_xprv_from_mnemonic – Generates an extended master private key that will be the root for all the derived keys

hdkey_derive_from_xprv – Returns extended private key derived from the specified extended private key and child index

hdkey_derive_from_xprv_path – Derives the extended private key from the specified key and path

hdkey_secret_from_xprv – Extracts the private key from the serialized extended private key

hdkey_public_from_xprv – Extracts the public key from the serialized extended private key

chacha20 – Performs symmetric chacha20 encryption.

create_crypto_box – Creates a Crypto Box instance.

remove_crypto_box – Removes Crypto Box. Clears all secret data.

get_crypto_box_info – Get Crypto Box Info. Used to get encrypted_secret that should be used for all the cryptobox initializations except the first one.

get_crypto_box_seed_phrase – Get Crypto Box Seed Phrase.

get_signing_box_from_crypto_box – Get handle of Signing Box derived from Crypto Box.

get_encryption_box_from_crypto_box – Gets Encryption Box from Crypto Box.

clear_crypto_box_secret_cache – Removes cached secrets (overwrites with zeroes) from all signing and encryption boxes, derived from crypto box.

register_signing_box – Register an application implemented signing box.

get_signing_box – Creates a default signing box implementation.

signing_box_get_public_key – Returns public key of signing key pair.

signing_box_sign – Returns signed user data.

remove_signing_box – Removes signing box from SDK.

register_encryption_box – Register an application implemented encryption box.

remove_encryption_box – Removes encryption box from SDK

encryption_box_get_info – Queries info from the given encryption box

encryption_box_encrypt – Encrypts data using given encryption box Note.

encryption_box_decrypt – Decrypts data using given encryption box Note.

create_encryption_box – Creates encryption box with specified algorithm

abi – Provides message encoding and decoding according to the ABI specification.

encode_message_body – Encodes message body according to ABI function call.


encode_message – Encodes an ABI-compatible message

encode_internal_message – Encodes an internal ABI-compatible message

attach_signature – Combines hex-encoded signature with base64-encoded unsigned_message. Returns signed message encoded in base64.

decode_message – Decodes message body using provided message BOC and ABI.

decode_message_body – Decodes message body using provided body BOC and ABI.

encode_account – Creates account state BOC

decode_account_data – Decodes account data using provided data BOC and ABI.

update_initial_data – Updates initial account data with initial values for the contract's static variables and owner's public key. This operation is applicable only for initial account data (before deploy). If the contract is already deployed, its data doesn't contain this data section any more.

encode_initial_data – Encodes initial account data with initial values for the contract's static variables and owner's public key into a data BOC that can be passed to encode_tvc function afterwards.

decode_initial_data – Decodes initial values of a contract's static variables and owner's public key from account initial data This operation is applicable only for initial account data (before deploy). If the contract is already deployed, its data doesn't contain this data section any more.

decode_boc – Decodes BOC into JSON as a set of provided parameters.

encode_boc – Encodes given parameters in JSON into a BOC using param types from ABI.

calc_function_id – Calculates contract function ID by contract ABI

get_signature_data – Extracts signature from message body and calculates hash to verify the signature

boc – BOC manipulation module.

decode_tvc – Decodes tvc according to the tvc spec. Read more about tvc structure here

parse_message – Parses message boc into a JSON

parse_transaction – Parses transaction boc into a JSON

parse_account – Parses account boc into a JSON

parse_block – Parses block boc into a JSON

parse_shardstate – Parses shardstate boc into a JSON

get_blockchain_config – Extract blockchain configuration from key block and also from zerostate.

get_boc_hash – Calculates BOC root hash

get_boc_depth – Calculates BOC depth

get_code_from_tvc – Extracts code from TVC contract image

cache_get – Get BOC from cache

cache_set – Save BOC into cache or increase pin counter for existing pinned BOC

cache_unpin – Unpin BOCs with specified pin defined in the cache_set. Decrease pin reference counter for BOCs with specified pin defined in the cache_set. BOCs which have only 1 pin and its reference counter become 0 will be removed from cache

encode_boc – Encodes bag of cells (BOC) with builder operations. This method provides the same functionality as Solidity TvmBuilder. Resulting BOC of this method can be passed into Solidity and C++ contracts as TvmCell type.

get_code_salt – Returns the contract code's salt if it is present.

set_code_salt – Sets new salt to contract code.

decode_state_init – Decodes contract's initial state into code, data, libraries and special options.

encode_state_init – Encodes initial contract state from code, data, libraries ans special options (see input params)

encode_external_in_message – Encodes a message

get_compiler_version – Returns the compiler version used to compile the code.

processing – Message processing module.

monitor_messages – Starts monitoring for the processing results of the specified messages.

get_monitor_info – Returns summary information about current state of the specified monitoring queue.

fetch_next_monitor_results – Fetches next resolved results from the specified monitoring queue.

cancel_monitor – Cancels all background activity and releases all allocated system resources for the specified monitoring queue.

send_messages – Sends specified messages to the blockchain.

send_message – Sends message to the network

wait_for_transaction – Performs monitoring of the network for the result transaction of the external inbound message processing.

process_message – Creates message, sends it to the network and monitors its processing.

utils – Misc utility Functions.

convert_address – Converts address from any TON format to any TON format

get_address_type – Validates and returns the type of any TON address.

calc_storage_fee – Calculates storage fee for an account over a specified time period

compress_zstd – Compresses data using Zstandard algorithm

decompress_zstd – Decompresses data using Zstandard algorithm

run_executor – Emulates all the phases of contract execution locally

run_tvm – Executes get-methods of ABI-compatible contracts

run_get – Executes a get-method of FIFT contract

net – Network access.

query – Performs DAppServer GraphQL query.

batch_query – Performs multiple queries per single fetch.

query_collection – Queries collection data

aggregate_collection – Aggregates collection data.

wait_for_collection – Returns an object that fulfills the conditions or waits for its appearance

unsubscribe – Cancels a subscription

subscribe_collection – Creates a collection subscription

subscribe – Creates a subscription

suspend – Suspends network module to stop any network activity

resume – Resumes network module to enable network activity

find_last_shard_block – Returns ID of the last block in a specified account shard

fetch_endpoints – Requests the list of alternative endpoints from server

set_endpoints – Sets the list of endpoints to use on reinit

get_endpoints – Requests the list of alternative endpoints from server

query_counterparties – Allows to query and paginate through the list of accounts that the specified account has interacted with, sorted by the time of the last internal message between accounts

query_transaction_tree – Returns a tree of transactions triggered by a specific message.

create_block_iterator – Creates block iterator.

resume_block_iterator – Resumes block iterator.

create_transaction_iterator – Creates transaction iterator.

resume_transaction_iterator – Resumes transaction iterator.

iterator_next – Returns next available items.

remove_iterator – Removes an iterator

get_signature_id – Returns signature ID for configured network if it should be used in messages signature

debotUNSTABLE DEPRECATED Module for working with debot.

initUNSTABLE DEPRECATED Creates and instance of DeBot.

startUNSTABLE DEPRECATED Starts the DeBot.

fetchUNSTABLE DEPRECATED Fetches DeBot metadata from blockchain.

executeUNSTABLE DEPRECATED Executes debot action.

sendUNSTABLE DEPRECATED Sends message to Debot.

removeUNSTABLE DEPRECATED Destroys debot handle.

proofsUNSTABLE DEPRECATED Module for proving data, retrieved from TONOS API.

proof_block_data – Proves that a given block's data, which is queried from TONOS API, can be trusted.

proof_transaction_data – Proves that a given transaction's data, which is queried from TONOS API, can be trusted.

proof_message_data – Proves that a given message's data, which is queried from TONOS API, can be trusted.

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