Error Codes

You can find error codes with descriptions on this page

SDK Errors

Client Error codes (1-99)

Crypto Error codes (100-199)

Boc error codes(200-299)

Abi Error codes (300-399)

TVM Error codes (400-499)

Processing Error codes (500-599)

Net Error Codes (600-699)

DeBot Error Codes (800-899)

Solidity Runtime Errors

TON Virtual Machine Runtime Errors

0 TVM terminated successfully

-2 TVM terminated successfully: alternative code

-3 Stack underflow

-4 Stack overflow

-5 Integer overflow

-6 Range check error

-7 Invalid opcode

-8 Type check error

-9 Cell overflow

-10 Cell underflow

-11 Dictionary error

-12 Unknown error

-13 Fatal error

-14 Out of gas: the contract is either low on gas, or its limit is exceeded

Action phase errors

32 Action list invalid

33 Too many actions

34 Unsupported action

35 Invalid source address

36 Invalid destination address

37 Too low balance to send outbound message (37) at action

38 Too low extra to send outbound message (38) at action

39 Message does not fit in buffer

40 Message too large

41 Library not found

42 Library delete error

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