Evernode SE


This command starts the Evernode SE container (Docker must be launched). When executed for the first time downloads the latest SE image from dockerhub.

everdev se start

To make sure ArangoDB starts, set the ArangoDB port.


This command shows the default Evernode SE version and list of other available versions.

everdev se version

default: 0.24.12
Available Versions: 0, 0.24, 0.24.5, 0.24.6, 0.24.8, 0.24.9, 0.24.10, 0.24.11, 0.24.12, latest


This command switches Evernode SE to the specified version and port and downloads it, if it is missing. Attention! This command does not start TON OS SE, you need to run start command separately.

everdev se set --version 0.24.11 --port 2020

To make sure ArangoDB starts, use --db-port option to set the ArangoDB port:

everdev se set --db-port 8081


This command resets the Evernode SE container (Docker must be launched) - restarts it from scratch with a clean database.

everdev se reset


This command downloads the latest Evernode SE image (Docker must be launched) and starts it.

everdev se update


This command stops Evernode SE container.

everdev se stop


This command shows info about the downloaded versions.

everdev se info

Instance  State    Version  GraphQL Port  ArangoDB Port  Docker Container            Docker Image
--------  -------  -------  ------------  -------------  --------------------------  --------------------------
default   running  0.24.12  2020                         tonlabs-tonos-se-ekaterina  tonlabs/local-node:0.24.12


View solutions to some frequently encountered problems with Evernode SE here.

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