TestSuite4 is a framework designed to simplify development and testing of TON Contracts. It contains lightweight blockchain emulator making it easy to develop contracts in a TDD-friendly style.

For more information, visit TestSuite4's documentation.

ℹ️ Python 3.6 - 3.9 and pip required.


This command shows the currently installed and available TestSuite4 framework versions.

everdev ts4 version


This command installs (using pip) TestSuite4's latest or selected version and downloads them if needed.

everdev ts4 install # install latest version

everdev ts4 install 0.2.0 # install version 0.2.0


This command updates TestSuite4 to the latest version.

everdev ts4 update


This command creates a TestSuite4's template of the test (TestName.py).

everdev ts4 create TestName

everdev ts4 create TestName --folder tests # creates tests/TestName.py (folder must exist)


This command runs selected test (TestName.py).

everdev ts4 run TestName

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