Here are some solutions to frequently encountered problems.

EACCESS errors during installation

These errors can occur, if npm was installed without the use of a version manager.

Refer to this article for ways to resolve the issue.

command not found: everdev

This error may happen because PATH environment variable was not correctly updated to contain path to Node.js binary.

If you use Linux, ensure the following command is in your ~/.bashrc for bash shell or ~/.zshrc for zsh shell:

export PATH=~/.npm-global/bin:$PATH

If you have installed Node.js using Homebrew on MacOS, npm binaries could be found in /usr/local/share/npm/bin. So, in your ~/.zshrc file add the following:

export PATH=/usr/local/share/npm/bin:$PATH

If you use Windows, add path to NodeJS bin directory via environment variables settings dialogue and relaunch console window.

Additionally, make sure permissions are alright.

Unspecified Error on everdev sol compile in Windows 10

  1. Run \Users\UserName\everdev\solidity\solc.exe and review error messages.

  2. Update Visual Studio components and make sure vc_redist is installed.

Evernode SE: Couldn’t connect to Docker daemon

This error occurs in two cases. Either the docker daemon isn't running, or current user doesn't have rights to access docker.

You can fix the rights issue either by running relevant commands as the superuser or adding the user to the docker group:

sudo usermod -a -G docker $USER

Make sure to restart the system or log out and back in, for the new group settings to take effect.

Evernode SE Error: connect ENOENT /var/run/docker.sock

Getting this error means docker service is not running or missing due to incorrect Docker installation, partiularly in the case of Docker Desktop. Try reinstalling Docker and making sure the daemon is running.

Evernode SE: at localhost isn't available

If you use certain adblockers, after you have started Evernode SE the Ever Live explorer at might fail to load (you get a rotating icon and various warnings and errors in the console).

After everdev is installed on Ubuntu WSL on Windows 10 old version is there

This issue can occur if npm was installed without correct permissions for Linux/Ubuntu. Refer to this article for ways to resolve it.

After it is done, reload terminal and install everdev via npm i everdev -g again.

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